Our Drive, Our Direction

Our team has the curiosity, originality, agility and resourcefulness to challenge accepted norms and crack the code. We seek out, evaluate and create new market spaces. The payoff of market creation provides alpha returns.

We look past the status quo such as the industry’s long held conventional wisdom for the past forty years that no new refineries would be constructed in the United States.

Our success relies on low cost, highly efficient technologies and innovative utilizations, providing our projects with the advantages of quick deployment of modular platforms that can be installed at optimal sites to convert nearby low cost feed stocks into highly profitable products.


NIOBRARA ENERGY, LLC was formed for the purpose of constructing lower cost, highly efficient, easy to operate and proven 2,500 to 10,000 barrel per day modular technology systems at key locations to convert readily available feeds into high quality and highly marketable products.

Our Cheyenne, Wyoming Facility project is designed to process up to 10,000 barrels per day of sweet crude oil, condensate and related feeds available in Wyoming and Colorado. The feeds are to be processed primarily into Paint Solvents, Marine Diesel, Jet Fuel, Gas Oils, and Asphalt.